Your Running Style The Way You Run Are Interesting


A running shoe is designed with special features to give you a comfortable and hopefully efficient running experience. But everyone has an individual running style, and it is important to know your own running style to choose the right running shoe to avoid injuries and get the best running experience. Your running style the way … Read more

Marathon Running – The Best Way To Start-Up


The best way I know to get motivated with marathon Running is to meet up to one of the big city marathons. Because think about it, marathon Running – the Best Way to start-up is about the culture here, which is absolutely astonishing. You cannot avoid being excited. So many activities on all levels unfold … Read more

How To Set The Goal For Your Exciting Marathon

Set your goals

How will you set the goal and run a marathon? It requires preparation if you want to minimize the risk of going down and drop out of the race. All of your small “inadequacies” enlarges towards the end of the race if you are not properly prepared. How to set the goal for your exciting … Read more

How To Run For A Marathon – A Great Challenge


How to run for a marathon for you means you want to start a marathon project on your terms. So, you must know your starting point. It will be a good idea to start gradually, be patient and prudent. This principle is based on the need to be patient with the training. Your body needs … Read more