What Is Marathon Race and the 6 Great Marathon Majors?

What Is Marathon Race and the 6 Great Marathon majors - Finish line

So, What Is Marathon Race and the 6 Great Marathon majors?  We look at marathon races, development, health benefits, great running experiences and access to the 6 marathon majors. A Marathon is a 42,195 km long race and a classic long-distance discipline in athletics. Today, many Capitals and big cities arrange marathon races. They are … Read more

How To Start Running For Beginners The Easy Way

How To Start Running For Beginners The Easy Way female runner

If you search on google with search terms like “running calendar 2022” or similar in your country with your own language, it’s pretty certain that you can find an annual running event calendar. Then you can choose a race that suits you in either your current shape or the one you want to have for … Read more

8 Best Tips For Music to Running Training


Maybe you know about starting running training, it goes well but then you stop after a few weeks? Or do you feel that your shape is not getting better even if you run several times a week? Lack of variation or challenges in the running training, often means that we lose motivation after a few … Read more

Focus on Training For a Half Marathon With Confidence


Running a half marathon requires more than just running training. You must set yourself a realistic goal and take into account your normal daily life. It is a good idea to do an expectations survey both with yourself and with your surroundings. In Focus on training for a half marathon with confidence, you have to … Read more

8 Best Running Tips For Beginners


Running is a great way to get in shape, lose weight and reduce stress. In 8 Best running tips for beginners, you will see It is both a cheap and relatively easy way to train. Running can significantly improve physical and mental health. As a form of aerobic exercise, running can improve heart health, and … Read more

10 Best Ways To Start Running For Beginners

Most of us have developed a weaker physical state during the pandemic, because of the limited training opportunities.  But now where the vaccines are on the way around the world, each one of us has the opportunity to make the biggest comeback story in our lives. The aim with the 10 Best Ways to start … Read more