The vision of Marathon Training Buddy is to promote a healthy lifestyle, so people can transform their health, clarify their values, reach their dreams and enhance the life quality in the community.

The mission of Marathon Training Buddy is through physiological knowledge of body & mind to show opportunities for both competition- and joyful running experiences that enhance life experience. We provide you with the best support, tips, strategies and product reviews for improving your marathon training skills and progress.

Marathon Training Buddy’s intention is to welcome runners at all levels. Support as well as invite to:

  1. Discover the variety in people’s purpose to start a marathon training project
  2. Inspire you to become a runner on your terms
  3. Finding your starting point as runner and offer training programs, that meets your current level
  4. Offer great inspiring articles to support your running experiences
  5. Offer product reviews to improve and support your progress with running.
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