What is Benefits Of Exercise? A New Approach

What is Benefits Of Exercise

What is benefits of exercise – We have heard this before. The benefits of exercising are many. In addition to giving you an opportunity to utilize your full potential and attain great effectiveness, we experience states of excitement, joy, love, trust, and hope that strengthen the body and also set the spirit free. In general, … Read more

8 Best Tips For Music to Running Training

Maybe you know about starting running training, it goes well but then you stop after a few weeks? Or do you feel that your shape is not getting better even if you run several times a week? Lack of variation or challenges in the running training, often means that we lose motivation after a short … Read more

5 Best Ways To Target And Focus Your Running Training


Before you start running training toward a challenging goal in the future, you have to consider how to focus your training. You should already now accept that there will come changes in your motivation and development. It’s completely natural. With the 5 best ways to target and focus your running training, the aim is what … Read more

How To Experience Wonderful Flow In Running Training


The creator of the flow theory is the Hungarian psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. In practice, flow is a central concept in positive psychology, but used- and can be experienced widely in many contexts. How to experience wonderful Flow in Running Training, is about the particular good opportunities when running. We will look at what creates … Read more

Training To Complete a Half Marathon With Great Motivation


The half-marathon has become a popular hit. More and more runners are taking up the challenge to defeat this amazing distance that offers all the best benefits of long-distance running – without requiring quite as much as a full marathon. In Training to complete a half marathon with great motivation, we will explore this. So … Read more