Excellent And Proven Long Distance Running Diet


An excellent and proven long distance running diet is about Energy and combustion. When we run, it requires a lot of energy. And as soon as you put on your running shoes, the muscle cells come to work. The power stations inside each muscle cell are called mitochondria and the performance of the mitochondria is … Read more

How To Prepare a Runners Diet – the Best Meals


If your carbohydrate intake is more than what can be stored, it will simply be stored as fat instead. If you adapt a runners diet after training time and training duration, you will ensure a rapid replenishment of the glycogen depots. It is also necessary to be aware of the training intensity, since hard training … Read more

8 Best Dietary Supplements to Boost Your Running Results


Many long-distance runners use dietary supplements as part of their regular training or competition routine, including about 85% of elite track and field athletes. But the answer to the question of what is the best nutritional supplements for runners, the scientific support is still a little behind. A balanced nutritional diet, supplemented with a vitamin … Read more

The 5 Best Reasons Why Fluid Matters In Marathons


Water has many important tasks in the body; it acts as a carrier of nutrients and waste products as well as a thermostat. The daily fluid balance regulates with an average separation/absorption on 2-3 liters of water. By running, the body separates more fluid mainly as sweat. Fluid/sugar solution Improves your Performance and is crucial … Read more

How To Benefit From Marathon Nutrition The Best Way


Nutrition is your fuel, no one can complete a long marathon training period without a proper food intake. One of the best ways to keep the body fit as a long-distance runner is the right nutrition and diet. How to benefit from marathon nutrition the best way, is about running many times per week, so … Read more