10 best reasons to start trail running with confidence


Trail running is about running away from asphalt roads and out into nature, like in the forest along small paths. Nature offers unique training opportunities. In 10 best reasons to start trail running with confidence, we go through the benefits and actions in trail running. In the forest, you can forget time and place, enjoy … Read more

Best Long Distance Running Shoes


As a new and inexperienced runner, you might think that the most expensive running shoes also are the best running shoes or the running shoes with the best look as you see it. It’s not true. This does not mean that you just have to choose the cheapest running shoes on the market, as the … Read more

8 Best Tips For Music to Running Training


Maybe you know about starting running training, it goes well but then you stop after a few weeks? Or do you feel that your shape is not getting better even if you run several times a week? Lack of variation or challenges in the running training, often means that we lose motivation after a few … Read more

How to Choose The Best Running Shoes For Women


Running shoes are constantly being developed and also this year, the new models will be faster, lighter, and more comfortable than ever. In how to choose the best running shoes for women, we will look at your opportunities whether you are looking for running shoes for obese, extra support and cushioning for long runs, shock … Read more

How to Choose the Best Running Clothes for Women


For many women, comfortable and well-fitting running gear will really be crucial for a good running experience. It can be quite annoying with training tights that slip down or gnaw at the side. In How to choose the best running clothes for women, we will explore the essentials in the choice of running clothes. Choose … Read more

Saucony Endorphin Pro Men’s Running Shoes


Developed by passionate running enthusiasts, Saucony running shoes are a leading global running brand based on performance, innovation and style with a goal of creating compelling footwear- and apparel through its widely acclaimed brands Saucony and Saucony Originals. Gracing the feet of its great elite runners like Parker Stinson, Jared Ward, and most notably Molly … Read more

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