How To Choose The Best Running Sports Tracker

How to choose the best running sports tracker woman with mobile app

Running apps have gradually become a great training tool that affects both your current running level, fitness, motivation, and performance. A sports tracker is your digital trainer who tracks your running training using GPS. So, you get collected detailed data about your route and running status. In How to choose the best running sports tracker, … Read more

8 Best Tips For Stability Running Shoes

8 best tips for stability running shoes Adidas

Running is strenuous and stressful for your knees, ankles, hips, and – especially if you have problems with an old injury, are flatfooted, overloaded or, for example, have a pronation running style. It’s therefore often natural with extra stability in your running shoes, and today these stability running shoes becomes more and more common. In … Read more

Signs On Overtraining And How To Successfully Recover

The overtraining phenomenon is a state of a general overload of the whole body. It thereby differs from the other sports injuries by not being specific or local. The condition is characterized by fatigue and impaired performance. In signs on overtraining and how to successfully recover we look at how overtraining is a direct function … Read more

What Is The Treatment For Pulled Muscle?

What Is The Treatment For Pulled Muscle?

Running is a very peaceful form of exercise without sudden unforeseen movements or violent collisions with other athletes. Despite this, runners are occasionally injured. The injuries you can incur as a runner can generally be divided into two main groups. These are acute injuries and congestion injuries. In What Is The Treatment For Pulled Muscle? … Read more

How To Choose The Best Trail Running Shoes

How To Choose The Best Trail Running Shoes

Many people think that trail running is hard and demanding, but it’s about what you make of it and also the type of trail running you choose. When your run in nature up and down the hills or when the surface varies from forest bottom, mud, gravel, or rocks, you will find that your regular … Read more

10 exciting reasons to use new documented running training

10 exciting reasons to use new documented running training

The 10-20-30 running training method gives you the opportunity to achieve successful and simple running training to kick start your body and make it both healthier and stronger. This training method gives really good results, especially for beginners and less experienced runners. In 10 exciting reasons to use new documented running training, the aim is … Read more

Best Running Gear To Boost Your Training Results


Running training is a great activity where the requirements for equipment can be minimal as starting point. You can start with a pair of reasonable running shoes, then you are ready to run. However, over time, when you decide to run regularly several times a week, it becomes more relevant to upgrade your running wardrobe … Read more

10 Best Reasons to Start Trail Running With Confidence

10 best-easons-to-start-trail-running-with-confidence-trail-run-in-nature

Trail running is about running away from asphalt roads and out into nature, like in the forest along small paths. Nature offers unique training opportunities. In 10 best reasons to start trail running with confidence, we go through the benefits and actions in trail running. In the forest, you can forget time and place, enjoy … Read more

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