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Hi everyone and welcome to my marathon training website, my name is Henrik. Marathon training has been a passion of mine since my early teenage years when I read my first book about running Run the Lydiard Way and particular about his Long slow distance (LSD) run.

I’m from Denmark and at that time this book about running was the only one I could find – it was in the early internet days.About-Me But I also think it was the best book at all, because Arthur Lydiard’s innovative thinking and groundbreaking ideas particularly about the LSD run, got thousands of Danes out on the streets to run distances they never thought possible.

In the beginning, I trained a lot alone following Lydiard’s marathon training programs. I was out there in all kinds of weather for many years. I had routes along the beachside where I lived, in the forest, on grass with small hills, etc. I also completed goals on 5k, 10k and 15k in public race events.

My Early Development

Eventually, it became a challenge to run out there alone, and I also wanted to run in a real stadium with running tracks in a club, and participate in official competitions under the national athletic association. So, I decided to join an athletic club. Meeting other long-distance runners here really had a very positive impact on me. So many training facilities, running buddies with the same goals as me and competition races were available in this community. My training really got in system here.

Since then, I have participated in the national elite division on 5000 Meters, won championship medals in Distance running, participated in City marathons, coached runners, and been a part of support groups at big running events. Joining a club and meeting the community here was really something that did a difference in my life.

Over the years I have purchased a lot of products and equipment in the running world. I wanted to improve my endurance, speed, skills, running style and to support my progress with running.Marathon-Training-Buddy

Now I want to give back.

The Aim Has Changed

I’m educated as an Academy Profession Graduate in Nutrition and Technology, Bachelor of Commerce, and Certified NLP Master Practitioner. After more than 20 years of distance running and Cross Training in the Fitness Center, I’ve learned a lot. Especially about mental strength, running communities, competition, coaching, training methods, food habits, and so on. But what surprised me most during all these years with marathon training is the variety in, why most people run and what they get out of it?

Because there isn’t just one reason to start a marathon project or just start running but many? Some people are inspired by the sport’s competition and fight, desire for financial profit or to move personal boundaries, others for health reasons and some people run for something bigger than themselves, for charity, etc. Besides, people have different abilities, talents, and levels to cope with the marathon distance!

I want to provide some insights into these areas. Provide you with knowledge about human physiology, training systems, strategies, plans and updated tips. Elements that come from the variety in people’s running needs, purpose and motivation for starting and completing a marathon training project.

The Goal Of  The Website

The aim of Marathon training is not always for completing a Marathon race as the end goal.

In competitions, Marathon training is the basis for all distances from 800 m to marathon. Because from this 800 m distance you have to run long slow distances (LSD) – which means develop endurance – as part of the training program. This is to maintain the necessary speed for the entire distance at which you want to compete and avoid slowing down the pace on the last part of the race before the finish line.E-Lob-3

Who Is Marathon training For?

Marathon training for you could be running 5k twice a week as LSD runs because that is your current level – and that’s absolutely okay. There are many different reasons to start up a marathon training project today. On this website, the goal is to cover and explore these reasons to get you inspired, and since most of us are busy people in today’s world, you also want to invest your time and effort in proven strategies, plans and updated knowledge.

With these tools in your belt, you have the certainty to start-up and know the process on the way to your chosen running goal in the future.

The game has changed and so does the way we need to develop our running skills – people have different time frames. There is no point in practicing If you’re going the wrong way.

You have to develop confidence with knowledge about the physiological aspects and improvements of marathon training. If you start too fast with no goals and plans, It’s very likely that you get an injury and lose your motivation for starting up again.

So have a look around and if you have anything to share in developing your own marathon training, I would love to hear it.

All the Best

Henrik Jacobi


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