Brooks Men Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Shoes

When choosing running shoes, the first thing you should do is know your running style. After that it’s a matter of finding out what type of race you want to use the shoes for; are you a beginner, is it for marathon training or e.g., intervals or maybe trail running? It is not a good idea e.g. to choose Brooks Men Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Shoes just because they look good or you have heard that they should be the best.

When we talk about running style, it’s about the way you run because mainly you can have one of three types of feet as the first thing. Your gait can show a pattern of neutral pronation, overpronation, or supination. You can’t immediately see which one you have. But you can take a look at the sole on your old shoes and see the way you slip on the sole – how is the pattern. That can give you an idea of your running style and the way you run.

Neutral pronation: The shoe that fits this pattern of movement cushions the shock when you hit the ground and supports your foot in its natural movement.

Overpronation: This shoe also cushions shock when you hit the ground. But by overpronation rolls your foot too much inward and this roll must be stopped, to control the foot in the most natural performing of the contact with the ground to avoid injuries. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline gts21 Running Shoes is in this category – and is often called the runner’s pronation favorite.

Under pronation or supination: When the foot under-pronates or supinates it maintains so the run performs on the outside of the sole. In this case, your foot will be controlled so it rolls inwardly as close to the neutral pronation as possible. The picture below illustrates the three ‘standards’:


If one tends to overpronate, the feet fall too much inward in the pronation movement. The foot most often lands on the outside and falls inward. Quite naturally. Now it continues its movement inwards, so the angle between the foot/ankle and the lower leg becomes very large. The foot collapses inward, the lower leg rotates inward all the way up through the knees and the rest of the leg.


Overpronation is not dangerous, but with the wrong structure of the running training and too unstable running shoes, it can be a dangerous cocktail in relation to injuries, especially if you train a lot and on long trips. Often, overpronating runners will tend to the classic running injuries such as shin splints and Achilles’ tendon inflammation as well as pain around the knee.

It is all types of runners that may tend to overpronate, but there are more women than men due to women’s anatomy.

What to look for is whether the running shoe is fitted with a pronation wedge or another braking device on the inside of the midsole, whether it has a fixed heel cap and a secure hold in the upper. The shoes must still be flexible in the heel. It helps to provide a more natural movement.

Today you can have your running style checked on a treadmill in many sports shops.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is one of the best pronation running shoes. They are perfect for you who are looking for a running shoe that provides stability and support – and a smooth feeling. With GuideRails technology, the support that makes you avoid injuries is precisely provided. Because when necessary, GuideRails guides you and your foot to the most favorable position throughout the trip. GuideRails are integrated with the midsole. Click on the image below for more information.


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

The Adrenaline is built on tried and true technologies Brooks has tweaked every few years. The Adrenaline and its neutral counterpart the Ghost are Brook’s bestselling trainers. The midsole in Adrenaline GTS is made of material that is 100% degradable. Thus, there is no “waste” in this product.


Biomogo Sole


Guide rails for support


Omega Flex Grooves


Comfortable, cushioned shoe



  • Great shock absorbtion
  • Flexibility
  • Easy/moderate pronation


  • A little heavy
  • Price
  • 10,9 mm drop may be too much for some runners
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