How To Economize With Glycogen In A Marathon


When it comes to the body’s energy supply and long-distance running, it’s highly relevant to know that the depots of carbohydrates (glycogen) are limited, whereas fat is an infinite energy source. How to economize with Glycogen in a marathon is therefore crucial because hitting the wall means you run out of glycogen and switch over … Read more

How To Finish A Marathon – The Endurance Way


Aerobic endurance is the body’s ability to work with high intensity over time, where the energy comes from aerobic processes in the muscles. Endurance will always be the most important factor in marathon training. In how to finish a marathon race – the endurance way, you will see that the ability to run at high … Read more

Your Running Style The Way You Run Are Interesting


A running shoe is designed with special features to give you a comfortable and hopefully efficient running experience. But everyone has an individual running style, and it is important to know your own running style to choose the right running shoe to avoid injuries and get the best running experience. Your running style the way … Read more