Xtreme Xperience In A Marathon Makes Powerful Breakthroughs

In a modern welfare society with a social safety net, and lots of hi-tech opportunities to entertain ourselves with smartphones, iPad, etc., it can be difficult to find challenges, which test the limits of our physical abilities and mental capacity. We may come to miss the life-affirming moment, to be connected through life-enhancing energy. Xtreme xperience in a Marathon race can be tough for most people.

Xtreme Experience In Our Modern Life

Xtreme Xperience In A Marathon Makes Powerful Breakthroughs man Hanging In A Wire
Xtreme Xperience Makes Powerful Breakthroughs

Probably it is mainly men, who are affected by this lifestyle because we have lost some of our traditional ways to find meaning and self-esteem as breadwinners and protectors. It can easily lead to personal insecurity. xtreme xperience in a marathon makes powerful breakthroughs.

How can we experience the importance of physical strength, perseverance and courage in our modern lives? We can just use a cell phone and call for a meal or a cab if we are hungry or tired or it is raining.

We also sit in front of a PC and play games; we take selfies, tweeter or make comments on Facebook. Looking at TV series and other entertainment programs like American idol and so on. Of course, some of it can be good but anyway it’s a bit false.

If a songwriter has a strong and maybe terrible background from his childhood, he may survive by writing beautiful songs to avoid, get rid of or use his pain to express himself through singing and songwriting.

He does that for many years because he has to since the alternative isn’t a choice. Then suddenly the day comes when he made a great number-one hit and becomes famous. That could be a real story with many years of persevering practice.

Then suddenly another anonymous person stands up singing his number one hit on “got talent” so good that he became famous too. But this person only imitates the song – he hasn’t experienced the same background and hard work in practice behind the big hit!

There is just something that doesn’t fit in here in my opinion. In that way, life becomes too easy and empty to a certain degree.

The Extreme Experience Compensation

Daily life becomes boring and sometimes meaningless. As compensation, a whole industry of cross-border activities emerges such as Survival tours, parachuting, climbing, white water rafting, mountaineering, bungee jumping and even racing an exotic supercar on a real racetrack with no speed limits and no experience necessary.

We pay a lot of money for the big, wild and crazy xtreme xperiences. Particularly as a man, it may be some of the only we can do to test our courage and mental strength. We need some manhood tests to show, that we are not some spoiled softies. complete a marathon race, can be a kind of ritual for becoming a man.

Xtreme Experience – Being In A Search Process

Xtreme Xperience In A Marathon Makes Powerful Breakthroughs Two Runners Silhuet
Being in a search process

We may also be in a search process. A marathon project is not only to remove the personal boundaries of what is possible or participate in a sport’s context, where the comparison with the competitors is central.

In other words, you run to find yourself and forge a strong personality. Running may be interpretes as a quest for the meaning of life. Maybe it is an identity in a confusing world, the runners are chasing.

Earlier you were born to a particular identity – my father was a carpenter; therefore, I am a carpenter too – today you have to find it yourself. Probably you are looking for your own standpoint in the world. This quest costs sweat, fatigue and suffering.

Thousands of people are searching for the body’s boundaries through long-distance running today. Why do we run these many kilometers? It seems like the pain and the performance, gives us a foothold in a world, where individuals often feel they are on unsafe ground.

Conflicting Demands Create The Extreme Experience

Xtreme Xperience In A Marathon Makes Powerful Breakthroughs Two Ladies Hug Each Other After A Marathon
Conflicting Demands Create Xtreme Hard Work

For many of us in today’s life, so many conflicting demands and choices require our attention. We often feel it like an overwhelming mental and emotional load with loss of control. With hard work like marathon training, we can feel that we do something to restart the mind and body towards believing in ourselves again.

We also control our own results in at least one area, since the training brings routine with structure and control in a self-perpetuating pattern.

So, some of us are pushed to the extreme by the stress and strain in our lives. The extreme race with concrete goals means that you suddenly feel yourself because you meet your limits. We find a standpoint in a world, which is very complex and where it is not always obvious when you have success.

It is also healthy to cultivate the extreme on the psychological level, to have a goal at the edge of what you can handle. Then you know that you can perform something extra and you become aware of how important it is, what you do yourself.

Training Volume & Xtreme Running Distances

I do not believe it is unhealthy with xtreme running distances if you let the physical batteries recharge and as long, we are aware of the body’s adaptation rules. However, there are limits to how much you should train when looking at performance improvements.

The performance will usually fade out if the long-distance runner runs more than 130 km per week but some of us are capable to run more kilometers. Marathon runners in the World elite run more probably because the last minute they can push out of the body means thousands of dollars if they win a competition.

So even when the progress curve fades out at 130 kilometers/week, it is still worth running maybe the double. The benefit is not as much a shape progress but rather that, if they run 250+ km/Week, they recover faster after a competition and can hereby participate in more competitions during the year and they also develop a better running economy.

If you are interested in xtreme xperiences like me, I hope you like this page and if you have any questions about the topic or want to leave your own Personal review, please leave a comment below.

What is considered an extreme sport?

Adventure sports or extreme sports are activities that are perceived as cross-border, involving a high degree of risk. These activities also often involve speed, height (Bungy jumping), and a high level of physical exertion. Extreme tourism overlaps with extreme sports.
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