Breathtaking Running Experiences – Gives You Amazing Growth

In our modern world, there are not many ways in which, we can get in touch with nature and ourselves. Sitting in front of the flat-screen TV can give some nature experiences, but it’s and always will be on the watching level. It brings you knowledge and information more than real-life experience. Run experiences are about being present in yourself out there.

So, the next step is to walk around out there, and of course, it can bring you a nature experience but, in some way, it is still on the watching level. On the other hand, if you start the run experiences out there, you open up a new road to cohesion with nature and these breathtaking run experiences – give you amazing growth.

Running In The Forest – In the lonely hour

experience the lonely hours running in the forest alone
Running in the forest alone

We reflect on ourselves in our surroundings and the people in our environment. When you run alone out in nature, you will reflect this. Hereby you get the opportunity to encounter yourself and who you really are. When you run, you are often in the present in opposition to everything else you have pre-planned in daily life.

You can run through varied terrain in the forest on a warm day of spring, while you use all your senses to be aware of the experience in nature with all its images, smells, and sounds. You experience new physical sensations. You realize that the body just works.

Maybe you begin to experience, that you might think and feel a little differently, see a new perspective on many things and have new approaches to problems and events. It’s not that you become somebody else.

You are still you maybe even more because there has been established better contact with the memories and experiences that lie in your personality’s deeper layers. Besides, you will experience the joy of mastering a skill, developing yourself and continually discovering that you can learn something new.

Running Motivation – Experience Success

Each time you experience success in a field, you enter evident in your own and others’ consciousness. Loneliness and sometimes pain are two important factors in this process too, since you towards change and development, sometimes have to face loneliness.

It is not many places in life, where we can experience this detachment and personal growth opportunity than just related to running. For some runners like me, these lonely hours are the most honest and realistic of all.

The loneliness becomes meaningful because it goes hand in hand with deep, personal satisfaction and a promise to come into closer contact with yourself. Running is like letting the dust of culture blow away, and getting closer to the body and soul. You change your focus and ask yourself better questions; you see the past in a new light and hence also the future.

Being Present After the Run

As a former competition runner, it almost feels wrong for me if I don’t run and today It’s mainly about these nature experiences. I run all year and have done it in so many years before and it has given me opportunities to explore areas of my neighborhood in the places where I have lived and even far away on day tours.

I use my car and drive to new locations and run on Places I haven’t seen before. I look for exciting nature routes first on google maps and then I drive to the route and run it.

I track the route on my sports watch to keep the direction all the way. Afterward, I can sit in the car and just “sit” and be completely quiet for a very long time, as the run really makes my mind present and nothing else.

Since running clears my head, I often get good ideas, if I have to write something and also how to formulate what I want to write, which I don’t get if I just sit at my home desk.

Experience Public Races

experience public races - older man and woman greets
Being seen and running public races are wonderful

You can also choose to experience the opposite in participating in public races. Maybe a marathon race AND YOU CAN if you prepare yourself from your current level. Many of us have a certain need to be seen, noticed and admired. Sometimes we want to mirror ourselves in other people’s admiration for being aware of our distinctiveness and uniqueness.

It is very important to be encouraged and applauded on the shoulders – not only while we are children but also in all other life stages. The opportunities to get this kind of experience from spectators, friends, running buddies, acquaintances and family are always present when you train, participating in races or competitions.

Running Training All Year

Running all year gives you an experience of physical and mental well-being. It is nice and relaxing. Roads and forests are always open when you need to run, it gives wonderful freedom concerning family, friends and work. You experience nature and the seasons very present.

The birdsong and fresh colors by springtime, the sun’s heat on a summer day, the sea’s roar during a heavy autumn storm and a cold winter with a frost-clear evening sky.

Running Training All Life

running all Life-four children running
Running all life starts early

Particular boys and men never had to think about whether they got enough exercise. Throughout history, physical play and work have been at the top of man’s worklist. But “nature” has changed, and consists today mainly of sedentary studies, intellectual requirements and technical support with the PC or other technologies.

But physical exercise and expression is a very important precondition for boys’ intellectual and emotional development, just as it is essential for the sedentary modern man during his active years of work.

If running develops and uses properly, as mentioned, it can provide great nature experiences and a closer relationship to oneself and hereby to other people. Nor has age been an obstacle. Heart function and oxygen transport are some of the physical properties that remain intact into high age. You also have a great opportunity to reach peak experiences when running.

Of course, the training needs to be adjusted and it takes a little longer to recover but it gives a significant increase in life quality.

I have seen several 70-year old’s who have been runners most of their lives and they still look like 40-year-olds. Common to most of them is that running in nature means more today than when they were younger just as running with others has a higher priority, so many of them are still running with great benefits.

old man experience running a public race
Running all life can continue into a high age

If you are interested in the run experience that makes you grow like me, I hope you like this page and if you have any questions about this topic or want to leave your own Personal review, please leave a comment below.

How do I experience runners high?

Most long-distance runners have at some point, either during training or during competitions, experienced runner's high. It's an extraordinary experience, where the runner so to speak, runs into another state of awareness. It can be pursued consciously, but you cannot control or predict when and whether it comes. It comes to us as a gift - suddenly and unexpectedly.
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