Running For Beginners – The Best Start

There are many arguments to start running and it’s obvious that we all have habits, which can be a challenge to overcome. The hardest in getting started is the distance from the couch out to the running shoes. When you have gotten the running shoes on, you have overcome the worst obstacle. In Running For Beginners – The Best start, we look at beginner challenges from when you have the running shoes on.

Running For Beginners


We all have the ability to run built into our body. Therefore, everyone can become a runner. So, when we hear people say that they cannot run it’s more because of their expectations and performances to themselves. But being a runner is not something you become after years of training. You are a runner from the moment you start running.

Regardless of ambition level, we all have a purpose for running, they can be very different but they are all good at the same level. If you want to run and continue running you must find your conscious supporting element, since that will keep up the motivation to run regularly. And over time it will be a natural part of your daily life with all the benefits that follow.

How To Start Running For Beginners

start running as beginners the best part Beginner Motivation

The best way I know to keep up my motivation is to have goals with the training for example to lose some weight, by running 2 -3 times a week or participate in a public race with all the attention and excitement. The meeting with other runners and the event in itself. You don’t necessarily need to run a marathon.

Start your new running habit with a 2 or 3 k walk/run and you have already sharpened your mind and motivation. The weather doesn’t mean anything either, since you only have to run in 5 -7 minutes before your body starts getting warm and then the weather doesn’t mean anything.

The first few runs are crucial to whether you want to continue to make running your preferred exercise form. Therefore, you must start training easily and comfortably. You have to complete your planned training and still have a feeling of surplus – that you have energy left, which gives you the motivation to run again and continue.

As a beginner, you may maybe not know if you prefer a running shoe that is soft or hard, or if it e.g. should be a running shoe with a lot of extra stability. We have found a good starting point in choosing a proper running shoe.

The Mizuno Wave Rider for men and women has gradually become a classic in running and is one of the most popular neutral running shoes on the market. The Mizuno Wave Rider has always been known for its very responsive sole material. The shoe has received an update on both the upper, middle- and outsole. It is especially a good choice for a beginner.

How To Run As Beginner The Best Start Mizuno Mens Wave Rider 24 Running Shoe
Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 24 Running Shoe – click on the image for more info

Start Running For Beginners – Your Ambitions?

It will be a good idea to keep your ambition level a little lower in the beginning. So, let your basic shape be the starting point and of course, if you play soccer or tennis a couple of times every week your starting point is higher and your body is better prepared for the loads from the running than if your daily life doesn’t offer physical challenges at all.


If running is a completely new activity it demands more caution and a little longer adaption period. After a couple of weeks, you begin to know your own capacity and now you can fit your daily training to the challenges of running. In the beginning, your body will very likely be sore because of the new habits and because you use it in another way than you are used to.

By the way, depending on your current running level you don’t have to run all the time. You can combine a walk and run where you run in let’s say 15 -20 minutes and then walk 15 -20 minutes or less as long it fits you. If you cannot talk while running, you run too fast and have to slow down the pace on the other hand if you can talk easily you run too slow. The body needs a certain load to develop the necessary strength over time.

The First Running Period For Beginners

How To Run As Beginner The Best Start The First Period

In the first couple of weeks, the body’s muscles and tendons need some time to get used to the new habits by moving in another way than before, you started with the new running habit. After 3 -4 weeks, the body starts to get used to it and you can add extra training per week to the routine.

A part of the charm of running is that it takes time to build up a good shape. So, start with smaller public races to experience the atmosphere and happiness of seeing other runners and their way of testing themselves during the race.

It requires some time of practice to become a good runner who completes races or several training sessions naturally and effortlessly and if you increase the training volume by about 5 – 10 % per week you should be on the right path to progress.

Another good idea is to follow a training program that fits your level so you can manage your progress. Getting a sports watch to measure your heart rate will also tell you when you are on the right path with the training since it has GPS, a heart rate monitor and alarms telling you about your running intensity and other things.

Today you can have a wrist-based watch with heart rate measurement without the often annoying HRM belt around the chest. If you have a test route you can run it periodically, you will also get a sense of your progress since you will run it faster and faster if you are consistent with your training, which again will increase your motivation.

Your First Bigger Success As Runner

How To Run As Beginner The Best Start The First Bigger Success

Suddenly you start running 5k, 10 k or 15k, and then it starts being something you really are aware of concerning your daily health, mood, relations with other people and surplus.

Another important thing here is your running shoes who protect your body from the loads in the often one-sided movements that running can be unless you vary the training surfaces. Start running on Asphalt, and then use grass, gravel or other surfaces in between.

So, running shoes are your best friend and it’s not a good idea to buy the cheapest ones but rather the opposite buying quality running shoes with great shock absorption and that fit well to your feet.

Sometimes the hardest thing with running is to be persistent because our daily life today gives us a lot of opportunities but also demands. So, often it will be a good idea to have running partners since regular running at scheduled times each week makes it harder not to meet up with your running partners and skip the agreements.

Maybe you have a neighbor, a family member or others you can run with and it’s also nice to have a conversation partner during the run. now you have become a real runner.

I hope you like this blog and if you have any questions about this topic or want to leave your own Personal review, please leave a comment below.

What are the 3 tips for beginners to running?

  1. First, you have to find your current walk/running level.
  2. When you first start running, you have to be consistent enough to build strength and endurance, but slow enough to avoid injuries.
  3. Follow a training program.
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12 thoughts on “Running For Beginners – The Best Start”

  1. I am no stranger to marathon and I also have found the joy of trail running as well. To me trail running is better because of the scenery and the impact on my joints but so much harder as well. 

    Running once I got the hang of it, I found that it is the most relaxing things in the world and it is best to run with my friends. It does help with my stress. 

    I think for the first time runner, it is good to do it with your friends so you can support each other. Once you get the hang of it, you both can get a trainer and that can be a fun activity. Oh yes! You have to get the right shoes as well, the most important one. Get the one for running not walking or for fashion. That way it can make your training smoother.

    Have fun running! 

    • Thanks, I was running about 22 km every sunday with my running buddies and that was very supportive and we also talk about things we newer wanted under other circumstances because we get closer to each other on these long runs. By the way it’s better with more than one pair of shoes as I have posted here:


  2. I love the wind that runs across the face when running especially in the cool summer breeze, but I don’t run often so get tired super quick after a short burst. Like you have mentioned when starting out a new exercise your body aches so that is important to overcome and not give up. I’ve got a question which is if you run slot like till your out of breath is it bad for your health? Thanks for the article.

    • Thank you for the comments. When you start out new exercises your body needs time to get use to the new habit. So We have to accept the body’s adaption rules. Therefore we have to start out slow and increase little by little over time. That was the intention in writing this blog, because I was that type when I was younger to start out too fast and I pay the price often by getting very tired. It is absolutely not bad for your health If you just start out slowly.

  3. Great advice. I haven’t run more than a block or so in several years, but I have been anxious to get back to it. I am thinking I would like to run a 5K to start with.

    Is the training for a marathon the same as for a 5K or are they very different things?

    When I ran long distance running in high school and college, I wasn’t that fast, but I could endure for a long time. I would just like to be able to say, “I did that. I ran a 5K or I ran a marathon.” 

    I know we were made to run because my dad does it all the time. Even after a heart attack and being 79 years old he still runs everywhere! I look up to him and his endurance. Even after all these years, I still want to “grow up” to be like my dad!

    • Hi Karin Nauber

      Thank you for the comment. There is absolutely no reason to be anxious to run again. Adjust your expectations to where you are now and take it from there even if you have to shift between walk /run during the way. As long as you are persistent, you will have progress. The difference on a 5k and a marathon is the timeline. Both demands slow distance running as the basis cornerstone.

      Be Well 

  4. hellooo dear, thanks for sharing such an amazing post, it really is an eye opener, hopefully it gets to more people, ill surely share it on my social medis page, i am glad i got to see these post, your website is plain and simple easy to navigate and understand, i really do fancy these post alot thanks i already saved these post so as much as to come back for future reference

  5. hello Jacobi,great job here I’m putting up such an intriguing review on reason to start running as a beginner, I must say that I’ve searched a lot for such a Blog on marathon training and struggling up on yours is really a dream come through.. I look forward to following your tips and start training…
    looking forward to see your next post… have a great day

    • Hi Evanese

      Thank you for the comment. I’m happy that you can use some of it and I hope, you get started from where you are as starting point.

      Have a great day too

  6. I’m very happy to say that I’m opportune to stumble upon such an interesting publication you’ve made on marathon training to start running as a beginner, I do learn new information and facts each time I visit your blog and I must say you’re doing a great job and I look forward to seeing your next article,,,

    thanks for sharing such a well-researched article,,,

  7. I’m very happy to say that I’m opportune to stumble upon such an interesting publication you’ve made on marathon training to start running as a beginner, I do learn new information and facts each time I visit your blog and I must say you’re doing a great job and I look forward to seeing your next article,,,

    thanks for sharing such a well-researched article,,,


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