How To Lose Weight By Running – The Best Way

As you probably already know, running is an excellent form of exercise for weight loss. If you know how to lose weight by running the best way, you will burn a lot of calories, it will help you continue to burn calories long after the training is completed, suppress your appetite, and move harmful belly fat. What’s more, running has many other benefits for your health it’s also simple to begin and we have all experienced running when we were kids, some of us just don’t remember.

How To Lose Weight By Running The Best Way Woman running in park

How To Lose Weight With Running

If you want to lose weight fast and efficiently, the best way is to make your training fast, effective, and varied. In that way, you strengthen the body from the inside out. Maybe you have tried to run before but stopped because the bathroom scale did not show the results you expected after some time.

The reason for the lack of the expected results is often due to lack of training planning, poor or wrong nutrition and/or restitution. But if you decide to do something about it, you have the opportunity to become a successful runner with an optimal fat percentage, a slim body and fitness that supports you in achieving other goals in life.

So, the keyword is to make a decision that you want to be an effective runner who achieves great results. It also means that it has to bring joy into your life. Because if it doesn’t give you a kind of satisfaction, you end up seeing it as a ‘To do’ routine you don’t really want to do, which means that you probably will drop out of the project after a short time.

Imagine five things that give you the joy of running, and write them down as a reminder. As an effective runner you want to:

  • Optimize your training, which also means spending a minimum of time to achieve the best results
  • Warm up to get ready for training and prevent injuries.
  • Keeping the body weight on a natural level
  • Use cross-training as variation
  • Get in great shape
  • follow an appropriate nutritional plan

Weight Loss From Running And Health 

When we aim for better health, it’s about burning a certain amount of calories. How you do it doesn’t matter in practice. Research has shown what exercise or lack of exercise does to our health. There is unequivocal evidence that we are far more ill and at risk for a wide range of welfare diseases if we do not move. But how much is enough?

The biggest health change happens by going from spending very few calories on exercise in your free time to consuming up to 3500 cal. Extra pr. week, to get the optimal effect of physical activity. It takes a certain intensity and training time to achieve a better shape. But it is not about spending lots of time every day and week.

It’s about training effectively and correctly when you do it – with just the right intensity and technique. Then you achieve results while being motivated to keep going and then you achieve even better results. The better results, the better you can train and strain the body, and this will give a bonus again.

You come into a good cycle. You can use- and personalize training programs from Marathon Training Buddy’s basis or beginner/Intermediate, depending on your current level of running. You don’t necessarily have to train for a marathon.

Weight Loss by Running – Facts

Running burns a lot of calories and of course, it requires a lot of energy. Running is one of the biggest energy-consuming activities we can perform with the body and is therefore, a great tool for losing weight.

It requires a calorie deficit of about 7,500 cal. to burn 1 kilo of fat. An average woman can expect to burn about 300 – 350 calories in 30 min. by running. This means that she has to run 30 min. 12 times to burn 1 kilo of fat – if she doesn’t eat differently than she normally does and still is active in the same way as she used to be.

Let’s look at it another way: 12 runs in 1 month equates to regular training 3 times a week. This means that you can lose 1 kilo a month. If you sometimes increase the pace and heart rate and introduce some walks on the rest days, you become able to lose 1½ – 2 kg in 1 month. You do this by only changing how much you move.

If you make small adjustments in your daily diet, you quickly replace the extra kilos with surplus and well-being.

Running And Weight Loss Program 

How To Lose Weight By Running The Best Way two men running to the limit

When you want to lose weight by running, you can train harder with your chosen exercises.

This doesn’t mean, that you have to train so hard, that your face changes color and you get a metallic taste in the mouth after each training session. You can also find a weight loss program and manage the intensity of your training according to your training level.

You train your body as hard as possible by varying the run, so you don’t become overloaded and it is important to get the right amount of rest, so you can train often and thus get as many kilometers ‘in the legs’ as possible. The most effective way is to combine hard and short training sessions with long and calm training sessions.

Interval training

In that way, you get the most out of the time you invest in your running training. You benefit from the interval training’s boost of your metabolism and your oxygen uptake, and the long runs provide good energy consumption and train muscles and joints to withstand the hard loads of interval training.

The body does not become ‘lazy’ in its combustion. If the body is exposed to the same load i.e., the same pace and the same number of kilometers every day, the body gets used to the load, and the energy consumption per kilometer becomes lesser.

This is smart if the goal is to run very far, as when you train for a marathon, where the body must become as economical as possible. But since your goal, in this case, is to use as much energy as possible, variation in your training will help the body to keep the energy consumption up.

Warm-Up Before Running

How To Lose Weight By Running The Best Way Woman warming-up

Warming up is an important part of becoming a runner, especially if you want to be an effective runner and with interval training, it is even more important. A big part of the training’s efficiency and feeling of well-being lies in the fact that you warm up properly. Warming-Up must be adapted to the activity you are ready to perform.

When you are going to run, it is the running movement that must be warmed up, at the same time, the heart rate increases, and the heat will be distributed throughout the body. Walking or jogging in the first part of the training is a part of getting ready for the training itself.

Particularly on days when the legs are heavy, it can be important to walk in the beginning, if you cannot get your heart rate up you can start jogging but avoid starting to run at your running training pace until the end of the warm-up.

I played soccer for many years in a club and afterward, I was a runner for many years also in a club and I have noticed that most places where sports are practiced in a club, we start with jogging for about 15 minutes, and ‘small talk’ together in the training group is a part of it.

Fitness And Health – Manage Your Calorie Consumption

If you run 3 km today at 10 km/h and are not in shape – and afterward train regularly for 12 weeks and then again run 3 km at 10 km/h, you will spend fewer calories on running the 3 km when you are in better shape. The body becomes more economical with its energy consumption according to your better shape.

Maybe you think “finally the training doesn’t feel so hard” it is okay, but then you should adjust your training program if it has to remain effective, as you now burn fewer calories and your body risks stagnating if you don’t increase the load by doing your training program more demanding.

A way to assess whether you are running efficiently enough is by using the Borg scale. It can ensure that you continue to have optimal calorie consumption, by challenging your body even more. The direct path to good shape.

It is a good idea to do strength training when you want to lose weight, and especially when you run a lot. Strength training prevents running injuries, promotes your pace and maintains or increases your muscle mass, so you don’t lose your ‘calorie consuming’ muscles when you run a lot.

Final Thoughts

This post shows hopefully that it is relatively easy to lose weight and get slim with effective running training, and strength training also helps to give you solid forms, while you become a better runner. Hereby you will achieve greater well-being, energy, and surplus at the same time as the fat disappears from your body.

I hope you get something out of this post and if you have any questions about the topic or want to leave your own Personal review, please leave a comment below.

Do you lose belly fat by running?

Running is one of the best and easiest forms of exercise to lose belly fat. If you also regulate your diet, so you burn more than you eat, your running schedule delivers a sustained fat-burning boost.
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  1. Make the decision, that is a great first step. Decide that is what you are going to do, this is such great first step. ooh but that seems harsh – your body get used to it lets make the regime tougher. Makes sense though, how else are you going to improve. I don’t do a lot of running but I had been signed up for a run a few years ago. The months before I ran a stretch every day, the stretch got easier and longer through the weeks. It does feel good to feel that improvement, it feels even better with music.

  2. Oh yes, this is very accurate. The best way to lose weight is by going the distance and this is an advice that I give many people that I have met in many places and I have told them that by simply running and without using any pill, you can seriously lose some weight and fat too and also stay very fit. You really expantiated on that and gave practical reasons why this works. Good.

  3. I love running in general. It has to be in the park or even hiking though. I feel that when I am stressed or depressed, I can always count on running to make me feel better. Not only that it helps me stay in shape as well. I did not know that running can use up that much calories! I guess any cardio training uses a lot of calories. I agree warming up is what most people ignore but it is the most important thing that you do not injure yourself. Thanks for the tips!

    • Hi Nuttanee
      Thank you for the comment. Happy that you could use some of the tips. As you get in better shape, you can run longer and faster, which combusts more calories since you get ‘a bigger engine’.

      Be well


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