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Your general physical energy level and the condition of your body have a big impact on how motivated you are to run or train in e.g. a fitness center. In 10 tips to running and training motivation – Grateful Joy, you will see how several factors influence how physically ready you are and these factors are often something you can control by yourself, so you can create the best motivational conditions to start running or training in a fitness center.

Motivating Relationships

 10 tips to running and training motivation relationships

One of the most important factors for many people’s motivation is the support they get from those around them. You have probably experienced it yourself how big a difference it makes if your spouse/friend or colleague sincerely engages in something you want to succeed in and keep telling you that you can.

They offer their help and pat you on the back and stand by your shoulder if you face adversity and are marked by it. You may also have experienced being motivated by someone that you are really impressed by. Maybe They have achieved something of the same as you would like to achieve and their starting point was the same as yours, maybe even worse.

You gain faith in yourself by hearing their story. One way to be motivated by others is by getting help and guidance when you do not know which way to go and do not fully know the consequences and benefits of specific choices. Someone who can show the way and make it easier for you to see your choices can be of great value. You could answer some questions to get more clarity here, so you can gather the most motivating people around you and use them in the best possible way.

Questions you could ask yourself could be:

  • Which motivating people do I have around me?
  • How can I use them to help me choose to exercise?
  • When should I especially use them?

A professional can really be a great help. Like a coach, I had when I was very young.

Training Helpers

Training assistants or helpers are people or tools such as heart rate monitors, apps or the like that can help you reach your goal and maintain your motivation. They can make your training more exciting, add variety and provide input on how to best achieve your goal. Below you can read about some of the training helpers you can take advantage of.

Coach/Instructor Are With You In The training

10 tips to running and training motivation Grateful Joy coach Instructor

You can train in a running club, and on a team in the gym. The coach/instructor here has prepared a program for you and of course, he/she will also welcome you on the first day. Use them to help you get started and do not hold yourself back to ask them questions about your own training. They are there to help you – that’s what they’re hired for – even if there are many others on the same team. They will also be able to refer you to a professional if what you are looking for is outside their area of competence.

Training supervisor

In some fitness centers or running clubs, you can have a free workout tutor. A training supervisor has often taken a course in basic training and can make personal exercise programs. He can put together a program for you to get you started and show you how the equipment works.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are people you can hire to take you through a course. There is a huge difference in their education and experience as the title ‘Personal Trainer’ is not protected. Some of them have therefore taken courses in specific training methods, coaching or dietary guidance. Some have a university degree where they have been introduced to the latest research. Others have trained themselves and achieved results with their own methods, which they then teach to others. Therefore, when choosing a personal trainer, look at what education they have and what results they have created before with people like you.


 10 tips to running and training motivation Mentor

Mentors are persons who voluntarily have said yes to share their experiences and help others along the way with their training. Mentors are often people who have been through a transformation themselves and have been successful with their goals. They are dedicated to helping others and are often very social people who can help you get into the training environment.

Internet Motivational Searches

The Internet provides a wide range of opportunities for training support. You can use the web to search for knowledge about the goal you have set-up and get inspiration from here. It can e.g. be training programs, reports from others with the same goal, good advice, etc. You can also use social media to find groups with the same focus or search specifically for what you are looking for. There are many people out there who like to share their experiences.

Like-minded Training Buddies 

Some valuable training helpers are others at your own level who have the same interests, age, background and social status. They will be obvious as training helpers as they will have a wide range of things in common with you. Examples of peers could be people in your gym, members of your running club, or participants on a specific team you join.

Books/Magazines – Read about Motivational Training 

 10 tips to running and training motivation Books

If you like to read and find out how to acquire new knowledge, many good training books can be of great value. You can find books on basic training principles, or you can simply choose sports-specific books such as running books, books on weight loss, etc. You can also seek knowledge by subscribing to training magazines, where you can get inspiration and motivation for your training every month.

When choosing a book or magazine, then use your network to get recommendations, ask your coach or others that have the insight to guide you in the right direction. You can also go to the library and find one or more relevant books.

Technology – Can Be Very Motivating

 10 tips to running and training motivation technology

There is a myriad of technological aids that can be used as training helpers. On your smartphone, you can download apps that can help with everything from calorie calculation, sleep patterns, route planning, exercise diary and much more. Most of them are free as a trial version, afterward, you can decide to purchase them.

Heart rate monitors, music and other gadgets can be motivating and make the training more fun. How much technology you want and need will depend on your goal and you as a person. Try it out and see if technology can contribute positively to your development. However, a good place to start would be with Garmin Forerunner 45

Final Thoughts

I have given you some tips and suggestions to train more.  Now you have to decide if you really want to train more? Because I believe it’s not a healthy way if you waste your life trying to impress others, you cannot reach other people’s goals. So, it will be a benefit to ask yourself questions like: Do I really want to train more, or is it just others’ expectations of me? Are you trying to live up to something you do not really want to do?

It is therefore important that you get a clear expectation alignment with yourself and your surroundings. When there is an agreement between you and your surroundings’ expectations, this doubt often disappears and the surroundings can instead help to motivate you today and in the future.

I hope you like this blog and if you have any questions about the topic or want to leave your own Personal review, please leave a comment below.

How do I get motivated to run?

Find like-minded running buddies and make agreements to run together. Find different training routes in your neighborhood and create variation. Use a training program with an end goal such as a 5k public race nearby, which will keep you on track and motivated.
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6 thoughts on “10 tips to running and training motivation – Grateful Joy”

  1. A great article! I love your ideas. Your contents are meaningful. I also think that support from friends is really useful for running and training. When I was a teenager, I love the training time with my friends.

    Other than friendships, I think technology is also useful. Have you heard men who win in the Olympic Games? The champion of the javelin is learning from Youtube. It shows the power of technology. Therefore, I think people will use more technology to improve their training experience.

    Thanks for your sharing. I also gain training motivation.

    • Hi nok

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes technology and digital media uses more and more to help us improve our results.

      Be Well

  2. Thank you for sharing a lovely, informative article with us. The chief item of this article is 10 tips for running and training motivation. It is truly amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about it. I like the Technology of the points in your article. I myself support the use of technology because it has many benefits that are worth enjoying. Motivation has been possible in me through the use of technology which has helped me to walk the path of discipline.
    I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share your article with my friends by sharing it in the Facebook group so that everyone can know about your article and gain knowledge about it.

    • Hi Asraful Islam

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, technology can support your motivation. Ex. I use my sports watch to measure many things and not just as a stopwatch, most of them are to support my motivation.

      Be well

  3. It’s always very good to have something like this to always give you the motivation to go on and move forward, it’s very true that working out and keeping fit becomes very tiresome to some personal at a very early stage of it so they need to be motivated as it goes and this article is filled with good tips for that. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Hannes

      Thank you for the comment.Yes, Motivation is an important factor, particular when we follow a training program most of us need a kind of support to stay in the program.

      Be Well


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