Get Men’s Running Tights – Free Movement And Optimal Comfort

Flexible and functional materials are a must for Men’s running tights which also should meet some general requirements to ensure good comfort and quality on your runs. They should be made of a soft, flexible material with good functionality ensuring high sweat transport, free movements, and optimal comfort.

Men's runnning tights
Young man running in tights.

A soft and stretchy material will give a comfortable feeling against the skin and promote a snug fit with plenty of freedom of movement. When the material is quick-drying and sweat-wicking, you are kept dry and comfortable on even the most demanding, high-intensity runs.

What Is Running Tights?

It has become more and more popular to use running tights – also by men. One of the reasons is that they are very comfortable and effective in forward momentum when you run or exercise.

And that applies to all forms of training – not just running. What makes running tights so good is that they sit very close to the body, almost like an extra skin.

It provides great freedom of movement, and at the same time prevents friction marks, as you have nothing that either tightens or chafes during training. This is also why they can be used for much more than just running.

In practice, running tights are tight and elastic pants designed to help you run faster. This means ‘lanes’ have been made in the fabric promoting a forwarded movement. Running tights are typically sewn in a mix ratio of polyester and elastane, which is breathable and flexible.

Today, running tights are available in many colors and functional designs. Cotton is not suitable for running tights because it cannot transport the sweat away, which therefore ‘hangs’ in the cotton, and becomes heavy and cold.

If your running tights are nice to wear and have well-chosen features, they help you have a good running experience. For winter use or use in colder weather, choosing a polyester/wool material will be a benefit.

Different Types Of Men’s Running Tights

men's running tights different types
men’s running tights different types – click on the image for more details.

To make it easier to distinguish between opportunities and the many ways of manufacturing and using running tights, we can say that there are three different types of tights, which are launched in a multitude of different designs, lengths, and models.

Winter Running Tights 

These running tights are made to provide extra warmth. They have an extra layer of fabric/fleece at the thighs. You can only use winter tights outdoors when it is cool, as they become too hot to train with when doing indoor exercises in e.g. sports room. They are designed in a stretchable material called something different depending on the brand.

PUMA Season Brushed tights are e.g. winter running tights that are soft and warm with dryCELL performance technology, designed to transport moisture away from the body and keep you sweat-free during your runs. They also have reflective design elements and pockets at the waist.

In addition, some of the warm winter running tights are equipped with a windproof material around the knees and thighs. This type of running tights is great when winter offers windy days with a high chill factor.

Regular Running Tights

Regular running tights are sewn to support the forward, monotonous movement when we run. The intention is that you should be able to run faster without stretching in different directions.

Regular running tights are not designed to withstand wind, water, and cold. So, in these conditions, you risk losing your joy of running with icy and red thighs, which doesn’t promote a good running rhythm and desire to run.

Training Tights

This type of tight is often seamless or sewn in one piece. They are more designed for cross-training – other training than running – such as strength training or yoga, which demands abilities and flexibility for your tights.

They must be able to move in all directions during e.g. splits, squats, and yoga positions. This will give great movement freedom and prevent friction marks, as nothing tightens or chafes during training.

Running tights that best suit your needs 

There are some important things you should consider before investing in a pair of new running tights, such as what season they will be used in, the terrain you will be running in, and whether they should be a pair of tights with compression.

In addition, you must consider the intensity with which you want to complete your training sessions. Because the body generates more heat at higher intensity. It can also be a good idea to choose running tights according to your body type. So, choose the running tights that best suit your needs and get maximum running comfort.

Men’s Baselayer For Running

You can also find a selection of baselayers for men, which should be an important part of your running gear. Wool and polyester work best here, as they insulate and transport sweat away. Baselayer has become quite popular in many sports contexts – including running.

men's running tights - baselayer
Men’s running tights – baselayer- click on the image for more details.

Baselayer – the inner layer

The right gear is important to your performance, whether you’re competing or training. A baselayer acts as your important innermost layer. Baselayer is versatile sportswear with a tight fit and good functional properties. It gives you the best conditions to perform optimally.

So, the baselayer gives you the best conditions to perform at your best during your training. The range of baselayers consists of tops and bottoms – and you can find baselayers for warm days as well as cold days.

There are a lot of different models, so you have the opportunity to choose the perfect baselayer for you and your needs. Whether it’s running underwear or an undershirt, the basic functions will apply to your inner layer. The baselayer must be:

Breathable – fresh air must be able to pass through to create the best conditions for your skin.

Sweat-wicking – moisture and sweat must be able to move from the skin to the outer layer, otherwise you risk starting an unwanted cooling.

Flexible – the body must be able to move freely, so you only have to focus on your efforts and the results. The stretchable base layer is made of a flexible material that follows your body’s movements.

Baselayer is sports underwear that is tight-fitting when you run primarily because you usually have another piece of clothing over it. Typically, a baselayer can keep the body at the right ‘work temperature’ and provide sweat-transporting properties so that the sweat wicks away from your body when you perform sports in general.

High-quality base layer for running

men's running tights
Winter running in shorts and baselayer.

If you want to perform at your best, it is important that you feel comfortable and in balance with your body. With the right baselayer, you are equipped with the best comfort close to the body. Go for a high-quality base layer that is:

Tight fitting


Muscle supportive


It is also usually a personal preference whether you will run in tights or running pants. If you believe that it should be functional, most people prefer running tights. This is due to the natural close-fitting comfort which is a crucial factor for the ability to transport sweat away from the body.

Men’s Compression Tights For Running

Compression means to press on something. Running tights with compression ensures pressure on the muscles which provides better blood circulation. In this way, you can more easily get nutrients and oxygen around the body. Furthermore, waste products are removed more effectively, and you will be less sore after training.

No matter what kind of runner you are, compression tights can be a good solution. The difference between regular running tights and compression tights is the close-fitting effect of the material. The material has a supportive effect. However, there is a difference in how the model is designed and which focus areas they have.

In general, most runners experience a performance-enhancing effect which may be because the muscles can work longer without becoming sore. This is because the compression material keeps the area stable and reduces friction between the working muscles. In the same way, the body does not get as tired and sore, so the recovery time is also shorter.

If you e.g. have a demanding running program with several days of training per week, it may be a good idea to use compression tights at the start. It has become so widely to have compression training clothes that it is also offered in fitness t-shirts, fitness socks, and fitness shorts.

Thus, tights do not only need to be used for running but can also be used as fitness tights. In addition, compression tights can also be used as everyday clothing at home after running training.

Men’s Running Tights – Selection

men's running tights
Athlete group talking on running track outdoors with short tights in different colors.

When looking for men’s running tights, you must of course focus on the material being sweat-wicking and quick-drying. Most running tights offered by the various brands are suitable for many forms of fitness and training.

Some of the most popular men’s tights for running are from brands such as Nike, New Balance, Craft, and Adidas. When shopping for pants or tights for running, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner.

Both Types of Runners have a great selection of different types of running tights. Whether it is running tights with reflectors for evening runs, tights with an extra back pocket for an energy bar or mobile phone, or maybe running tights with a zip at the ankles for better air circulation.

Men’s running tights with lots of smart details

In addition to many smart details and finesse, the design is of course crucial for a comfortable fit. It can be adjusted with laces at the waist and extra contoured material at the knees that give you extra comfort and freedom of movement.

Running tights for men are often also provided with practical details such as a zipped pocket on the lower back for your keys, flat seams to ensure a minimum of discomfort, and reflectors that give you increased visibility in the dark as well as other more fancy details.

men's running tights zipper pockets
Pudolla Men’s Thermal Running Tights with 3 Zipper Pockets- click on the image for more details.

Long-running tights for men are also often equipped with zips at the ankles, so they are easier to put on and take off.

Men’s Running Tights – Get Upgraded

It always makes sense to be well-prepared for your training, regardless of what sport you play or whether you jog a few times a week. Therefore it also becomes important to have your training gear fit and ready. This applies in particular to runners.

Your weekly runs will improve if you feel good and are comfortable in your training clothes. It can optimize the entire training so that you often can perform more and better.

Especially as a runner, there is nothing worse than if you constantly feel that your clothes fit wrong because the focus shifts to what is wrong, and needs to be corrected. It affects your entire training, and you almost spend more energy correcting than doing your best.

That is why it is about finding a specific good selection of men’s running tights adapted to exactly your needs. Nike is e.g. a very recognized brand – their clothes express great design and high quality. For many runners and sportsmen in general, it is their go-to brand when shopping for new sportswear. So it would be a good idea to find your go-to brand. My go-to brand is ASICS.

Men's Running Tights
Nike Dri-FIT ADV AeroSwift Men’s Racing Tights- click on the image for more details.

Men’s Running Tights – Features And Benefits

Now let’s look at some of the detail features, so you better remember what features to look for in men’s running tights

Focus Points

  • Pocket
    A small pocket, preferably in the lower back, that can hold a mobile phone and keys, is very essential. A good solid zipper is a must. If you choose a waterproof pocket, the phone does not risk getting wet from rain or sweat.
  • Waistband
    The elastic in the waist is what keeps the running tights in place. Go for a wide elastic that distributes the pressure on the stomach a little better than a thin one. A soft, adjustable lace is also important so that your running tights don’t slip down during training.
  • Reflex
    Remember the safety if you run in the dark. Reflexes are most visible if they sit at the calves and ankles, which move the most.
  • Pants leg 
    A pair of running tights must be of good length and fit properly at the ankles. If they are too loose or short, the lower legs can become cold. Many running tights have a rubber or silicone edge that provides a good grip. A long zipper is also a benefit, which means that you can take your running tights on and off without taking off your shoes, and it can be used for extra ventilation if you are warm.
  • Material  
    Running tights are most often made of polyester and elastane. These are synthetic materials that are very flexible and transport sweat away from the body rather than binding it like a pair of cotton pants does.

Other personal features

Most runners know those days when motivation isn’t quite there and need an extra boost. Often design of running tights for men in several different color combinations and compositions can make a small difference here. You can find a pair of running tights that you want to show others on the running route.

Most brands allow you to choose eye-catching color block designs for extra visibility or classic black and white models for a timeless running look. Large parts of running tights for men today are made with sustainable recyclable materials, so you also can run with a good environmental conscience. Find your style.

Men’s running tights – models

Running tights for men are available in several different models, lengths, thicknesses, and functions. This means that there is a model that suits you, your running needs, and your running style.

Look for running tights in different lengths so you get a feel for what might be the best option for you. Which length you should choose depends mostly on you and your preferences.

men's running tights
Preparing for trail running in autumn colored park – in shorter tights ¾ length.

There are the short running tights, which have a length like shorts. You can also choose a pair in ¾ length that goes to the knees or just above. You can find them both with or without compression.

If you want the longer running tights, there are also more opportunities. You can find models both in 7/8 length that go above the ankles and running tights in a regular long length.

If you have very long legs, there are even men’s running tights with extra length such as the Fusion C3 X-Long Tights, which are running tights with extra length. FUSION has added an extra 4 centimeters to the leg length to meet all needs.

Although it is an individual choice what you like to run with, some benefits come with the different models. We often see special winter running tights from e.g. Inov8, Fusion, Salomon, and New Balance in this category.

Final thoughts

At most retailers and sports stores, you can find a large selection of running tights for men. You can find running tights from brands such as Adidas, Master, Newline, Nike, and many more, which we have seen in this post. It is important to have the opportunity to choose a good pair of tights when you go out on your runs.

You can find running tights for all kinds of weather, and you won’t regret it when you buy a pair of super quality tights for yourself. You will quickly discover that it is worth the money when you run in a pair of running tights made of the best material and give you the necessary comfort for the many kilometers you will run.

I hope you get something out of this post. If you have any questions about the topic or want to leave your review, please leave a comment below.

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