How To Run For Weight Loss – A Great Opportunity

Many people are in a situation where they want to lose some weight and there are many ways to do it. You can change your diet, invest in expensive training equipment or just join a training center and hire a personal trainer to keep you on track when you want to quit your exercises. But the easiest way to lose weight is actually by running and keep an eye on your food intake, which means at least don’t eat more when you start out as you already do . So, How To Run For Weight Loss – A Great Opportunity is true.

Because everyone can run and it’s the easiest form of exercise and also the most natural, since we all have been running as kids and we remember how, when we do it again. The weight loss will begin because you use more energy than before, which means the energy has to come from what already sits on your body as fat.

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Running Shoes and Your Feet

The only thing you need to get started is running shoes and your feet. Running is actually one of the best exercises for people who wants to lose weight. It’s something you can do on all times of the day or even at night. So, it can fit in practical every time plan. You burn a lot of calories when you run, and that is the formula to a weight loss. Running also strengthens your heart and cardiovascular system, so you prevent many different lifestyle diseases.

Running for Weight Loss doesn’t Mean You have to Run a Marathon

To start with running can be scary for many, because it can be hard to get started particular for persons with sedentary work, who doesn’t have any kind of exercises in a long time. But you just have to think about that you don’t have to run a marathon. You just have to start out slowly, so you don’t get injuries and that is easy and you get in shape very fast so you can run both longer and faster.

Some tips to get started will be to warm up particular your legs before you start the running and stretch your legs in a couple of minutes.

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Woman warm up in open landscape before running

Don’t run too fast in the beginning, because you risk getting too tired and maybe quit and is more exposed for injuries. When you then get started just run fast enough so you can make a conversation or sing on the songs you listening to in your earplugs. Your endurance will increase and here you can then increase your pace a little or making the run a little longer than usual.

Running Frequency should be 3 times a Week and never 2 Days in a Row

In the beginning you should not run more than 3 times a week and never 2 days in a row. The body needs time to get ready again after every training session. If you want to lose weight fast after a while it recommends that you run up to 4 times per week – but still in “speaking” pace. When you get better to running and the distance is increased, it’s a good idea to practice interval training on at least one of your running sessions. Interval training increases your combustion and you will achieve a faster weight loss.

You can achieve interval training on this way:

Run in 5 minutes in easy pace as warm up. Then sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds and then slow down all the way until your heart rate returns to normal. This exercise repeats 5 – 10 times if you can. In the beginning it is okay to walk between the intervals. As you getting better to interval training, you can increase the intervals up to 1 minute at the time.

Interval training is the best form for training if you want to lose weight, because you combusts calories a long times after the training is stopped. Now you start to get success with your weight loss and each time you experience success in a field, you enter evident in your own and others consciousness. So, give yourself permission to celebrate your small successes, then it’s easier to continue with your running project.

When Running for Weight loss You Need to Look at your Diet

A plate with weight loss written to be aware of what we eat

If you are serious about your weight loss, you will also need to look at your diet. But don’t make a too big calorie deficit every day and starve yourself, because your body needs calories that are converted into energy, but you shouldn’t have more calories than you can combusts in a day as mentioned in the beginning. In principle, women combusts approx. 2000 calories daily and men 2500. If you run 3-4 times a week and do not eat more calories than the recommended, you will automatically achieve a weight loss.

If the calorie intake is lowered further, the weight loss will go faster. Try making a 600-calorie deficit a day and you will see results quickly.A calorie deficit of 600 daily will cause a weight loss of approx. 1 kg per week. It is the healthy way to lose weight and it is a weight loss you can keep.

Running is the cheapest way to get in shape and at the same time lose weight. Everyone can do it, and once you get into the routine, you just go for it. If you lack motivation, you can sign up for some public races. Start with 5 km and in the future, you can try 10 km. or longer. Enjoy.

Running with Others A Great Opportunity

For many people are the social aspect a very important motivation to run. If you have an agreement with other runners and friends it is also more difficult to skip the training, than if you run for yourself. When the talk goes in the running group during the run, you also forget if it’s raining, blowing or even snowing. And it is also nice to know that we are more to share the bad weather and the tired legs.

If you are running for weight loss , I hope you enjoy this review and if you have any questions about how to How to running for weight loss – is absolutely possible or want to leave your own Personal review, please leave a comment below.

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