How To Lose Weight By Running – The Best Way


As you probably already know, running is an excellent form of exercise for weight loss. If you know how to lose weight by running the best way, you will burn a lot of calories, it will help you continue to burn calories long after the training is completed, suppress appetite, and move harmful belly fat. … Read more

How to prepare a marathon for beginners

Running is the simplest sport in the world, as you are not dependent on a fitness center other conditions or appointments with teammates to go for a run – you just need a pair of running shoes. This is probably why running- and marathon training has developed into one of the most common forms of … Read more

8 Powerful Truths About High Intensity Interval Exercises


Within cardio training, there are mainly two different methods to get in better shape: interval training and continuous cardio training. Continuous cardio training is performed by working aerobically without breaks for a certain period, e.g. 45 – 60 minutes. You work with a relatively constant intensity during the entire training. Unlike continuous cardio training, interval … Read more

5 Successful Methods Of walking to Improve Fitness


This post is about walk/running for people who never have run before or with very little running experience. The reason you should walk/run in the beginning is that your bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles need to slowly and gradually get used to being active since they have been inactive for a long time. So, by … Read more

5 Best Ways To Focus On Running Training


Before you start with the running training towards a challenging goal in the future, you should already now accept that there will come changes in your motivation and development. It’s completely natural. With the 5 best ways to focus on running training the aim is what you can do to stay motivated and focus on … Read more

How To Experience Wonderful Flow In Running Training


The creator of the flow theory is the Hungarian psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. In practice, flow is a central concept in positive psychology, but used- and can be experienced widely in many contexts. How to experience wonderful Flow in Running Training, is about the particular good opportunities when running. We will look at what creates … Read more

How To Easily Understand Why Running Is Important


Few people want to do something just because it’s healthy. It should also be fun and nice. You simply become a new and better person after a good run. When reading how to easily understand why running is important, we will explore that. But wouldn’t it be particularly beneficial to understand the Body’s ‘Main engine’ … Read more

Training To Complete a Half Marathon With Great Motivation


The half-marathon has become a popular hit. More and more runners are taking up the challenge to defeat this amazing distance that offers all the best benefits of long-distance running – without requiring quite as much as a full marathon. In Training to complete a half marathon with great motivation, we will explore this. So … Read more

Discover How To Increase Your Running Motivation


When we humans think or talk about motivation, it has often something to do with the expectations we have of ourselves. When the bad conscience comes from yourself, it is because you have made choices that go against your own desires and expectations. In Discover How To Increase Your Running Motivation we will discuss that. … Read more

The Truth About Great Running Training


Running training is a broad concept until you know your starting point. The prerequisite for you to be able to complete a running project is to start where you are now. In the truth about great running training, you build up distances from maybe walking 20 min. In the beginning, running 5 km, then 10 … Read more

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