Wrist Heart Rate Monitor – Your Fitness Supporter


Before using a wrist heart rate monitor, there are some crucial things you should know, so it doesn’t just become a “technical marvel” with a lot of features to play with. You should know what the key factors are by using the Wrist heart monitor. Below I have written a short blog about the heart … Read more

How to Train For a Marathon – 10 Tips From Top Runners


Documentation in a running training diary/app, tests, analysis and evaluation of training are important for good quality in the training process. Information about completed training and change in performance means, that you can prepare new running training plans and thus complete training in an ever-better way. How to Train For a Marathon – 10 Tips … Read more

3 Best Ways to Make Marathon Training a Success


If you want to cut of the learning curve and go directly to the best strategy in marathon training, you should build-up the training around the 3 best ways to make marathon training a success. It’s a strategy who also take our daily time factor in consideration. Maybe we say I don’t have the time … Read more

10 Benefits of Practical Cross Training


This post addresses every sports person where running is a part of the sport because we can all have benefits of Strength and weight training as Cross Training, which you will see. My starting point is middle- long distance runners as model. Quality and Strength Benefits Of Practical Cross Training is about create a resilient … Read more

How To Perform The Best Cross Training For Runners


Unlike outdoor training, cross training machines allow you to decide for yourself when there are hills and other challenges during the training. How To Perform The Best Cross Training For Runners, is about how we focus on runners best choice and performance by Cardiovascular training in Fitness machines. Vary your training with cross training As … Read more

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