How To Run Faster And Longer With Success


Many exercisers want to become better runners and it’s great to have this kind of ambition giving progress, the benefits of regular running training, the health-promoting gains, and the joy of participating in public races. But how to run faster and longer with success is also about building a lasting foundation, such as keeping the … Read more

8 Powerful Truths About High Intensity Interval Training


Within cardio training, there are mainly two different methods to get in better shape: high intensity interval training and continuous cardio training. Continuous cardio training is performed by working aerobically without breaks for a certain period, e.g. 45 – 60 minutes. You work with a relatively constant intensity during the entire training. Unlike continuous cardio … Read more

How to Train For a Marathon – 10 Tips From Top Runners


Documentation in a running training diary/app, tests, analysis and evaluation of training is important for good quality in the training process. Information about completed training and change in performance means, that you can prepare new running training plans and thus complete training in an ever-better way. How to train for a marathon – 10 tips … Read more