Adidas Men Ultraboost 21 Running Shoe For Best Comfort

Experience the ultimate combination of weight, cushioning, and the BOOST effect. The amazing energy you have always wanted. Examine the technology behind the Adidas men ultraboost 21 running shoe for best comfort and discover how elements like the Adidas Torsion System have been further developed. The new Torsion System is 15% stiffer in the forefoot … Read more

Most practical ways to optimize and test your Running economy

Running economy is becoming a relatively widespread concept in running. But what does a good running economy cover and how do you train your running economy? You could say that the word running economy covers that the less oxygen your body needs to create momentum/movement, the more economical your body is. Running economy In practice … Read more

HIIT Workout Exercises

HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. A training protocol that alternates between short periods of intense or explosive anaerobic training with short recovery periods up to the point of exhaustion, which thereby depends on the anaerobic energy-releasing system almost to the maximum. It’s a great cross training alternative as variation to running. HIIT boosts your … Read more

How To Choose The Best Running Sports Tracker

How To Choose The Best Running Sports Tracker

Running apps have gradually become a great training tool that affects both your current running level, fitness, motivation, and performance. A sports tracker is your digital trainer who tracks your running training using GPS. So, you get collected detailed data about your route and running status. In How to choose the best running sports tracker, … Read more

8 Best Tips For Stability Running Shoes

8 best tips for stability running shoes Adidas

Running is strenuous and stressful for your knees, ankles, hips, and – especially if you have problems with an old injury, are flatfooted, overloaded or, for example, have a pronation running style. It’s therefore often natural with extra stability in your running shoes, and today these stability running shoes becomes more and more common. In … Read more

Signs On Overtraining And How To Successfully Recover

The overtraining phenomenon is a state of a general overload of the whole body. It thereby differs from the other sports injuries by not being specific or local. The condition is characterized by fatigue and impaired performance. In signs on overtraining and how to successfully recover we look at how overtraining is a direct function … Read more

What Is The Treatment For Pulled Muscle?

What Is The Treatment For Pulled Muscle?

Running is a very peaceful form of exercise without sudden unforeseen movements or violent collisions with other athletes. Despite this, runners are occasionally injured. The injuries you can incur as a runner can generally be divided into two main groups. These are acute injuries and congestion injuries. In What Is The Treatment For Pulled Muscle? … Read more

How To Choose The Best Trail Running Shoes

How To Choose The Best Trail Running Shoes

Many people think that trail running is hard and demanding, but it’s about what you make of it and also the type of trail running you choose. When you run in nature up and down the hills or when the surface varies from forest bottom, mud, gravel, or rocks, you will find that your regular … Read more

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