How To Use Wonderful Music For Running Experiences

For some long-distance runners, music is both motivation and distraction. Music For Running Experiences has supported many runners during their marathon training and runners in general, have discovered, how to use wonderful music for  Running Experiences and how supportive it is to run with music particularly when synchronizing with the steps.

Music To Running New Opportunities 

With the advent of the high tech media players, running to music has become easy and popular. We also use an armband to carry our cell phones, from where we listen to music with earplugs and at the same time use GPS apps like Strava watch app to track the route and show running times and many other parameters.

Music For Running Experiences Woman work on her Smartphone Sports Armband
New Opportunities With high tech media

If you search on the internet, you will find many opinions on running to music. Some people find it fun, exhilarating and motivating. Others prefer listening to the natural sounds around them, while they enter a meditative state, or enjoy peace and quiet.

You should consider two important safety questions: The first is that music may exclude other sounds for ex. a City that may signal danger to you as a runner, like a fire engine or an ambulance.

Music For Running Experiences young woman running in the city
New Opportunities – Running with music everywhere

Wonderful Music To Running

On the other hand, if that is a problem we can choose to listen to music when we run in parks or woods and not in traffic areas. The second is that music with high volume played through earbuds might damage your hearing or cause inner ear injuries.

Music can be wonderful to alleviate stress and support your motivation. We all have a different tastes for music, and when it comes to long distance running, most of us listen to songs or instrumental music that make us feel comfortable and motivated since we have to be out there for a long time.

Music For Running Experiences mature woman in race listening to music with earplugs
Wonderful music – make us feel comfortable and motivated

Music Alleviates Stress By Running

Music can also be a considerable stress reliever; a mood changer and it works at various levels at the same time. Sounds also affect our entire energy system, since the mind and body specifically respond to certain frequencies and tones. Playing music in the background while running seems to diminish stress and ease out other mental disturbances.

When your day sometimes is stressful and you listen to music while running, it can help by improving performance of mind and body. Music gives you relaxation and reduces stress while you are running long runs; there are also runners who listen to music because they think that music can help in lifting their soul.

Another point is that while you are running on a busy road, all the noises of the road eliminates because you have your headphones on your ears. What you experience are your favorite music and your individuality.

BMusic For Running Experiences man participate in race with headphones over ears
Music alleviates stress

Run with your best music playing on your iPod or mp4, exhale and inhale with the beats of the music and allow the music to take you away. This can be a great reliever of stress, as it combines running, music and imagery, which all help relieve stress.

Music To Running Exclude Fatigue

Some runners say that music can exclude some of your fatigue and hereby, get you to run longer distances and faster kilometers, which reduces your perception of your body’s limits. There is also music specially designed for intervals.

It is a good idea to make sure that the beats in the music match your chosen running pace. Thus, you move in the right way. Many runners have independently found that running exactly to the beats is inspiring, motivating, and fun.

New research today also shows that Music before and after a run has a positive effect. Most of us today run with earplugs or other headphones listening to music because it makes the run more fun and motivating and makes us run a little faster.

Some researchers examined 15 runners at a 5 km distance. The participants were measured, among other things on their brain activity, mood, and heart rate – and of course their running times.

Music For Running Experiences strong woman running with earplugs
Music Exclude Fatigue

Music Run And BPM 

The study concludes that motivational music at 110-150 BPM (beats per minute) before training made runners more ready to run and made them cut about 35 seconds of their time on average.

Even better, the impact was music during the race itself, since the runners cut an average of 1 minute and 20 seconds of their time. In particular, for the first 800 meters, they ran at far higher speeds than without music.

Slow music (95-110 BPM) after the run also improved the restitution. The runners get back to their resting heart rate faster.

Find your personal rhythm to get the most out of the music during your run, and choose music with the bpm (beats per minute) that suits your tempo.

Use your emotions, your senses, your musical skills – or count your steps to be more exact, by finding out how many times per minute you put one foot on the ground, then select music with the BPM that matches that.

Jogging Music BPM

Several apps and websites like can help you put together your playlist and hereby help you by composing a playlist on that background or making playlists from Runners need.

Music by itself increases concentration, lowers perception of effort, provides ongoing stimulus and generally leaves you feeling more positive. Put on a pair of earplugs or headphones, and running feels easier and more enjoyable, so you get better at it.

Sometimes it’s as if the training just flies off when there is good music in the ears. The mood is lifted and the mental batteries charge up. This makes the training an extra positive experience.

It will be a benefit to choose music according to the theme of the training, for example, a little more intense music and fast rhythms for interval training, while listening to more relaxing music on the easy recovery runs or LSD runs.

Music For Running Experiences young man running with wireless earplugs
Music exclude fatigue – put together your own playlist

Choose Your Personal Playlist When Running

Today it is possible to choose playlists that make it even more motivating to run even on cold or rainy days Waterproof headphones are therefore a good choice precisely on rainy days where music often is indispensable.

By adding coaching to music, you can also follow instructions that can improve your running. Having a coach talking to you or even yelling at you during your intervals can make a difference when you run the intervals alone, where it can be difficult to push yourself and make you ready for the next interval run.

Final Thoughts

Studies show that listening to music while running can block out the pain signals being sent from your brain and reduce the feeling of fatigue. This, in turn, can mean your performance improves as you are not focused on the pain and can instead just run. Listening to fast music while running can increase your pace by up to 15%.

By compiling that perfect playlist of fast, motivating songs, you could potentially beat your PB and run faster than you would without music. The other opportunities are playlists with meditative music to the long easy LSD runs. Music today brings us whole new opportunities in running.

I hope you like this post and if you have any questions about the topic or want to leave your own Personal review, please leave a comment below.


Does music really help running?

Music can help you run longer, faster, and easier. With music matching your running rhythm at a particular BPM - beats pr. minute, can help you to better regulate your pace. Listening to fast music while running can increase your pace by up to 15%.

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