How to Choose the Best Running Clothes for Women

For many women, comfortable and well-fitting running gear will really be crucial for a good running experience. It can be quite annoying with training tights that slip down or gnaw at the side. In How to choose the best running clothes for women, we will explore the essentials in the choice of running clothes.

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Choose The Best Running Clothes For Women 

There are many opinions on what is the right running gear. But the most important thing is that it must be functional and comfortable to wear. There are a lot of great ‘high-tech’-materials on the market today for making running clothes.

So, build up your ‘running wardrobe’ based on the conditions you encounter in your running environment over the year. In this way, you get the best running experiences. For women, a good sports bra is just as important as the right running shoes. Running is an activity with many shocks, so you will get more support than a regular bra can provide.

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 Running Clothes – Layer Principle

The goal of the layer principle is to create a “clothing thermostat” that keeps you warm and dry in demanding weather conditions. The layer-on-layer principle in running clothes is the correct way to think when you build up your running wardrobe. It is about putting clothes on using the layer system so that the body can constantly get rid of the heat it has to and thereby gets the optimal running conditions. You can check a base layer by clicking the image below.

How to Choose the Best Running Clothes for Women The layer principle in running
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Some prefer 2 layers; others are more to the 3-layer principle. But as a starting point, the layer-on-layer principle simply means that you can regulate the heat in your running clothes, and hereby have the opportunity to react to any weather changes. The most important thing in this process is that you need running clothes that can ‘breathe’. And it has to be from the inner layer, and out to the outer layer.

In that way, the sweat can find its way through all the layers, and then give the body the best working conditions. One of the things to be aware of here is that you buy some good and maybe a little expensive running underwear with very high breathability because you think you should and maybe got a recommendation. Thus, you have bought this very smart and functional running jacket, which should be one of the best.

Cotton as running clothes

But a downside could be that between these 2 layers you use a product of e.g., 100% cotton. Cotton is not sweat-transporting, it is sweat-absorbent, so the sweat stays in this part and it gives you some bad experiences. This part becomes heavy when you sweat over time.

Secondly, you do not achieve to utilize the layer-on-layer principle and carry the breathability completely through. And finally, you have an increased risk of getting “cold” as there is a lot of cold / moisture hanging in this intermediate layer of cotton.

Women's running clothes
Women’s running gear – Click on the image for more info

Running Clothes Women – The Best Solution

When you have to choose running clothes, there are several things to consider. Are you going to use the running gear in winter or summer? Should your running clothes be loose, light and breathable or close-fitting and warm?

The most important thing must be that it’s functional and sits properly on the body, furthermore, it must be sweat-transporting, and on this point, there are many great products today made of synthetic materials that have excellent properties – sometimes it’s so effective that you don’t notice that you wear it – you just run and enjoy it.

Cold weather running gear women

For running in the winter, it will be a good solution to start by acquiring a really good set of running underwear. It is very important in pretty much every context when we talk about running clothes and their structure. And it doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer. When it is winter and you have to go out for a run, it is preferable that it is the middle layer that gives you the insulating effect.

How to Choose the Best Running Clothes for Women best solution

Then use an intermediate layer with a thermal-like effect, which gives you the right warmth in the cold temperatures. When you choose such a solution, you also have the opportunity to choose between both a vest and a running jacket as the outer layer.

Some runners prefer to run with a running vest, as it gives a freer feeling and more freedom of movement. But if it’s raining it’s better to choose a running jacket that can take a little rain/snow/sleet, and let it protect you from the elements from above.

Running in hot weather

For running in the summer, you should be careful not to dress too warmly? Then the body does not react optimally. Remember you produce lots of heat when you get started by running. But here it is very individual whether you are to the tight-fitting running tights?

Or you rather want to wear running shorts when you run? There are also many opinions about the upper part. Some want to wear sleeves and others prefer the freedom of a run with a singlet. So, you should go for what suits you, as long as you constantly make sure that the running clothes are functional and your body can breathe through it.

Running Accessories

Athletic woman running up to the stone stairs with bottle of water in City with fitness tracker

When you start running more seriously, there are countless lists to read about which running accessories are best. After several decades of running, I still believe that your Running watch is a must besides running shoes.

Today you can track anything on your watch. Ex. If you have a goal of running a half marathon 6 months from now, You can manage the training in the best way by a running tracker on your wrist.

Running apps

If you have a smartphone, downloading a running app can provide extra motivation. It can both give you training programs, and statistics about your runs and make it a part of a game with others by uploading and sharing results with others via Strava or Garmin connect online apps.

Fluid balance

One of my favorites to carry fluid on the long runs is a fluid belt that you carry around your waist.  There are placeholders for 2 – 6 plastic bottles that you can fill with either water, a sugar solution or your ‘favorite’ fluid. It may also be a good idea to take gels or dried fruit with you on the runs as extra energy. A self-luminous jacket, vest, light clips or reflectors will also make you extra visible on dark evenings.

Running Clothes Women fluid belt
Fluid belt to carry with you around the waist.

There are several products you can carry and have with you, especially on the long runs. Fluid balance is important for your running performance, and when the temperature rises, it is important to stay hydrated on the long runs that last more than an hour. A rule of thumb is that you should drink approx. 500 ml to 1000 ml per hour depending on the temperature and how much you sweat.

It is better to drink a little at a time such as 1-3 dl every 15-20 minutes instead of drinking a lot with longer time intervals. Mostly because the body only can absorb small amounts of fluid at a time, and secondly because it can be uncomfortable to run with the stomach full of fluid.

Runners belt pack

You have can have opportunities for wearing your mobile, snacks, wallet, etc. by carrying a belt pack. In this way, you can also stay in contact with your friends and you do not run out of energy by running longer runs.

Running Clothes Women - runners belt pack
Runners belt pack

Compression Clothes

Socks, tights, shorts, and t-shirts with compression properties have gained traction among many runners. One theory behind the benefits of tight clothing is that it reduces muscle vibration, which otherwise costs energy, meaning that the muscles tire later when wrapped in compression clothing.

This type of running clothes is tight-fitting clothing with a high content of stretch material that ‘presses’ the muscles that are essential for an effective run. For the upper body, extra compression is designed to support your ‘core muscles, make breathing easier and improve your posture.

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It is also designed to help blood circulation and increase performance. However, there are divided opinions about the effectiveness of this type of running clothes. So, you have to try it and see if it’s something for you.

Synthetic Fiber Clothes

You can use ordinary training clothes, but sweat-transporting synthetic fiber materials are more comfortable and made just for this purpose. Today, most running clothes are made from elastic quick-drying lightweight materials that transport moisture away from the surface of the skin. Clothes that are made of cotton, keep on the sweat, become ‘heavy’ to run with over time and can make you cold and clammy.

If the clothes sit tight, the synthetic fiber materials will absorb the sweat so it will accumulate on the outside of the clothes, after which it evaporates, so you stay dry and comfortable on your runs. When the clothes sit tight, it gives great freedom of movement. On cold days, a pair of thin insulating layers of running clothes will keep you warm and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Great running clothes does a huge advantage. Both when we run public races, but particularly also with the training itself. When choosing running clothes, it’s important to consider the weather, the season of the year and where you are in the world. With this post I have tried to make a simple overview, so you can choose the right composition for your running clothes.

I hope you find this post useful and if you have any questions about the topic or want to leave your own Personal review, please leave a comment below.

Which type of cloth is best for running?

By using the layer system, you can regulate the body temperature by taking on/off clothes depending on the weather. Synthetic breathable material is best for this purpose and for running in general.
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